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ith today's economy and fewer promotional funds available to cities, a viable answer is Fairs and Festivals. Your citizens BENEFIT by getting a major event at little or no cost, and your city bolsters its promotional fund for use on other projects. After expenses are paid, all proceeds go to the city to be put into funding other community events like Concerts in the Park, Parades and Fireworks Displays etc.

There are so many events that can BENEFIT from these rewards.

Want to stop the drain on Your Promotional Dollars? Call Pageantry and your General Fund BENEFITS!

This is a great opportunity to give something of BENEFIT to the community and its citizens while having fun doing it. In the case of Street Fairs, you bring major focus to the Business District and improve traffic count to all Stores. These events create community pride.

What a BENEFIT... Everyone WINS!

To find out more about hosting a Fair or Festival and how you can add dollars to your promotional funds to BENEFIT other community activities, contact:

Pageantry Productions
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Fairs and Festivals include activities for the young and not so young alike. For the children we include everything from face painting to petting zoos. For the young at heart, we have commercial booths, arts and crafts and health related items. For everyone, we have a variety of delicious foods along with multicultural entertainment.

Such BENEFITS bond a community together and provide families with inexpensive wholesome entertainment.

A BENEFIT of Fairs and Festivals, not always recognized, is the brightening up of a street or park with colorful banners carrying the theme of the event and possibly a sponsor’s commercial message. This can benefit a community financially, as well as to entice everyone to join in the fun. Remember the more people that attend a Fair or Festival the more it supports your local economy. So with this BENEFIT everybody wins!

The BENEFIT in utilizing Pageantry Productions is Knowledge and Experience

With over 40 years of experience in Fairs, Festivals and Parades, Pageantry Productions can provide assistance from start to finish. We pride ourselves on being the one stop shop for event producers. From obtaining permits to securing proper lighting, plumbing and staging, Pageantry has the know how to put on, organize and handle the logistics of any size event. Under the direction of a Certified Fairs, Festival Executive (C.F.F.E.), Pageantry is qualified to manage all aspects of your next event and can integrate marketing, advertising, sales, promotion, entertainment and television production as required.

Your BENEFIT is a Successful Event!

Call Pageantry Productions today at (562) 618-5558